4. Kara Chin

Awakening Ceremony, 2021
12 min 20 sec

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Presented by LINSEED | FR06

Awakening Ceremony is a comical take on extreme factions of Transhumanism in Silicon Valley; those who believe that humans can and should merge with technology in order to live forever, like gods in a technocratic heaven on earth.The animation takes place in a fictitious future Cryogenic facility, where passed Transhumanist bodies are frozen in limbo, until the technology to revive them is invented. It imagines a group of domestic robots left to run amok in the long abandoned facility, who have gradually developed their own religion. Mistaking the conference coffee urn for an object of worship – the elixir of life – the animation shows the robots performing a ritual in which they make a bulletproof coffee, as an attempt to revive the frozen transhumanists. It is a playful questioning of the utopian potential of AI and biohacking technologies; linking contemporary wellness and lifestyle culture to the fundamental human fear of death.

© Kara Chin – Courtesy of the Artist and LINSEED.

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