6. Xin Liu

The White Stone, 2021
Digital video, 5.1 sound mix or stereo sound
21 min 57 sec

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Presented by Make Room | FC10

When the rocket lifts off, her body falls.

For centuries, humans have built worlds and cities on top of the ruins of the old ones. Now, we are entering an age where civilization is building a world at the highest point from the planet’ surface, the lower Earth orbit.

In this film, we postulate a future history of rocket debris abandonment and recovery, through a “hunt” for abandoned rocket debris in remote areas. The protagonist sets off across valleys and villages, and into the desert in the southwest of China, in a search for the debris of rockets fallen since the 1990s. She may find one, or she may never.

In this story, the white stone is the fallen body of a rocket. Shifting our gaze from the sky back to the ground, we reexamine the life span of technologies, marking the terrestrial death of an extraterrestrial object.

Courtesy of Xin Liu and Make Room

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