ART SG Portraits: Han Sai Por

“Nature is not just a still-life object. It has energy. It has movement. Personally I enjoy doing tangible carved objects. Hands on things. Because “hands on things” is part of our lives.” – Han Sai Por

The third instalment of ART SG Portraits profiles the legacy of one of Singapore’s foremost sculptors and Cultural Medallion recipient, Han Sai Por. Born in 1943 during the Japanese Occupation, Han grew up in post-war Singapore with limited means. Through immense self-determination and grit, and working as a teacher for twelve years to save for artistic studies, Han was finally able to train at the Wolverhampton College of Art, where her tutors included Anish Kapoor.

A prolific artist, Han is best known for her monumental and organic forms inspired by the natural vistas in tropical Singapore. Her work also comments on the changing landscape in the region, and the deforestation that adversely impacts the environment and ecosystem. Acknowledged as one of Singapore’s most gifted sculptors for her skill in working with challenging materials such as granite and marble, Han’s work is widely celebrated and can be seen in permanent public installations across the country, as well as national museums and illustrious private collections.

ART SG is grateful to iPreciation ( for their assistance with this artist profile. Outdoor footage filmed on-site at the National Museum of Singapore.



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