AXA XL renews partnership with ART SG

AXA XL is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with ART SG, taking place from 19 – 21 January 2024 (VIP Preview and Vernissage, 18 January) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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As the second edition of ART SG is about to kick off, AXA XL aims to reaffirm its commitment to the Asian art scene. Beyond safeguarding works of art, a core aspect of their business as an insurer specialising in art, AXA XL has demonstrated a sustained and lasting commitment to the arts. This commitment is evident through partnerships with prestigious art fairs, funding activities to promote scientific and academic research, protection of artistic and cultural heritage, and support for the conservation and restoration of sensitive works of art. Additionally, AXA XL plays a key role in nurturing young talent through initiatives like the AXA Art Prizes in the UK and the USA.

With a firm belief in the future of the Asian arts scene, which has successfully navigated the challenges of the recent pandemic and current geopolitical environment, AXA XL sees Singapore being well-positioned to assert itself as an artistic hub in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Jennifer Scally, Head of Fine Art & Specie for Asia at AXA XL, “The Asian art market has rebounded strongly, weathered the crisis, and appears set to become even more dynamic, vibrant, and thriving, especially as the gallery scene continues to develop with great projects in the pipeline.”

Given this optimistic outlook, it is natural for AXA XL to continue supporting the international development of ART SG. Last year’s event saw great public success with over 43,000 visitors and an influx of collectors that stimulated the local art scene.

Sylvie Gleises, CEO of AXA XL Singapore and executive sponsor of the Fine Art strategy in the APAC & Europe region, emphasized AXA XL’s position to understand the concerns of all players in the art ecosystem. She stated, “For decades, our world-renowned expertise and experience have focused on protecting what is unique – the very nature of works of art. Partnering with major art fairs on different continents allows us to remain relevant in an ever-changing market, better understand its dynamics, opportunities, challenges, and address our customers’ concerns, wherever they may be. A fair like ART SG is a way for us to tackle new issues, take our expertise to new horizons, and continue to improve and share our passion for art and professionalism in insurance.”

In this respect, specific support for the ART SG TALKS program is a crucial element of the partnership. AXA XL believes in the importance of bringing together market professionals from across the region to compare their points of view, share their experiences, and enrich knowledge. The program also serves to raise awareness and promote public education, particularly focusing on intercultural dialogue in the Asia-Pacific region. The ART SG TALKS program provides a unique opportunity for all visitors to meet face to face in a privileged environment and share the viewpoints of the region’s most eminent art professionals.

ART SG is known for being a forward-looking fair, and this aligns well with AXA XL’s approach. The partnership reflects their long experience in the art insurance business, encouraging forward-thinking with clear-sightedness and certainty while holding onto the fundamentals that make up their unique DNA. It’s an excellent way of putting into practice the identity of a global group that thinks globally but reasons locally.


AXA XL Insurance is the P&C (Property & Casualty) and specialty risk division of AXA, known for solving even the most complex risks. AXA XL offers traditional and innovative insurance solutions and services in over 200 countries and territories.

As part of its specialty risk offering, AXA XL protects a range of objects, including fine art, antiquities, antiques, jewelry, watches, classic cars, raw and polished gemstones, and bullion, from thousands of years to weeks old.

Over the past 50 years and well into the future, AXA XL, a leading global insurer of fine art and specie, has and will continue to redefine how it serves and services its collector, museum, corporate, gallery, conservator, and artist clients across Europe, the UK, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific region, with a sincere consideration for the way valuable objects are insured and cultural patrimony is protected.

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