ART SG Portraits: Robert Zhao

“In Singapore, everything is green and natural, but at the same time also very unnatural. And we’re very small. We’re an island. Every part is controlled and considered. My work looks at the stories that emerge when humans and nature clash together.” – Robert Zhao Renhui

Singaporean visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui works chiefly with photography but often approximates a multi-disciplinary approach, presenting dramatic images alongside objects and documents, to create dialogues about natural or manmade environments and habitats. His artistic practice investigates man’s complex relationship with nature, using elusive fictional narratives to subvert scientific insistence on truthful absolutes.

Zhao has exhibited globally, with solo exhibitions in Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, and Italy, and well-received participation in various biennales and photo festivals. 

More of the artist’s work can be found at The Institute of Critical Zoologists:


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